At Automotive Locksmith Aurora our specialty is automotive key cutting and remotes with specials codes and transponders.

Due to our focus to perfection, Locksmith Aurora technicians are equipped with state of the art technology.

As a result our advanced technology allows us to provide you with our best and affordable prices.

Consequently at Locksmith Aurora we are able to cut keys for most types of vehicles.

Since about 1998 most cars have transponder chips and programmed remotes and keys, this requires special knowledge and equipment.

Therefore such benefits will save you time and money when choosing our professional automotive locksmith service.

Automotive Locksmith Aurora

Automotive Locksmith has become an art

Our state of the art locksmith technology can quickly service all types of car ignition devices such as: 

  1. Key Fobs
  2. Transponder Keys
  3. Remotes Car Keys
  4. Electronic Chips
  5. Conventional door keys

For all vehicle types, motorcycle and motorbike keys, trucks, caravan, buses and even private jets door keys.

From the outside most locks look the same

However, automotive manufacturing companies construct each lock differently for its specific security purpose.

Most vehicles, especially modern ones, have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which provides important information about your car (e.g., make, model, year, etc.).

In conclusion some of this information is related to your car’s specific lock, such as special codes, which are given to an auto locksmith technician when the need arises.

Car Lockout

When you are locked out of your car, you must try to regain entry without damaging your system (i.e., airbags, wires, sensors).

Lost Keys

House locks are different from car locks as are each one’s methods of access.

Therefore if you lose your house keys and need to gain access to your house, a locksmith will either drill out the cylinder or pick the lock.

However, if you lose your vehicle keys for the latest car models, a new set must be created by an automotive technician using specialized machinery and tools.

Most vehicles today use high security keys such as transponder keys, which need special high tech equipment to identify the type of transponder key and to program it.

CitiKey’s Automotive Locksmith  Department is available to assist you 24 hours a day

Automotive Locksmith Services

Our Automotive Locksmith Department can solve many of your auto lock difficulties, from door locks to ignition locks. Our services include:

• Removing foreign objects lodged in your cylinder
• Repairing inoperable keys/locks
• Replacing lost or stolen keys
• Making duplicates of broken keys
• Replacing automotive locks
• Opening locked automobiles
• Manufacturing keys (i.e., creating new keys)
• Replacing lost keys such as transponder keys, Vat Keys, lazer cut keys, computerized keys, fobik keys, and smart keys
• Creating high security keys by code
• Re-keying automotive locks
• Ignition re-keying
• Making Transponder Vat Keys
• Replacing ignition keys
• Making keys by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
• Reflashing car computer (ECU)
• Dealer keys and remotes
• Programming or adding remotes
• 24 hour emergency services

CitiKey Automotive Locksmith Department is mobile and can cut any key on the spot.

Therefore saving you the trip to the dealer or the hassle of calling a towing company.

Furthermore of all Citi City Locksmith Automotive Department is available to assist you 24 hours a day.

Electronic Car keys (Computerized Keys)

An electronic car key works by sending a code that must be read electronically before a vehicle’s engine will start.

As a result when you attempt to turn on your ignition, your car has the ability to self recognize whether the key contains the right code or not.

In addition if it has the right code, the ignition will deliver this information to the car’s computer, which in turn will start the engine.

Furthermore this interaction between the car’s immobilizer system, transponder, and computer ensures extra, computerized anti-theft security.

Computerized keys were first introduced in the late 1990s.

More than 95% of a car’s locking system is operated by the car’s computer.

Therefore modern car models use transponder security keys.

Consequently automotive security is constantly improving.

Furthermore our team is up to date on the various changes constantly happening in the automotive locks market.

Automotive Locksmith Team is available to assist you 24 hours a day

We service all cars, such as but not limited to:

  • • Ford
  • • Audi
  • • Acura
  • • GM
  • • Honda
  • • Toyota
  • • Lincoln
  • • Lexus
  • • Chevrolet
  • • Chrysler
  • • Honda
  • • Jaguar
  • • Dodge
  • • Infinity
  • • Lotus
  • • Mercury
  • • Mazda
  • • Nissan
  • • Pontiac
  • • Porche
  • • Saab
  • • Volvo
  • • Saturn
  • • and more