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Burglar break-ins can be prevented by implementing certain precautionary routines in our daily life. It is important to know that skilled burglars can quickly make a copy of any available key. Therefore, strangers should be denied any access to the keys to the front door, and be careful not to give them an opportunity to see them or photograph them using smartphones or any other camera. Similarly, the key must be kept separate from the smart card, which is designed to prevent unauthorized duplication. Then, keep the card in a place that is not accessible to strangers.

If you are installing advanced security technology around residential premises, you need to calculate that such measures will not confuse the residents, and especially that it does not in any way affect their privacy. This includes surveillance alarms and additional smart home gadgets under the category of security that are specifically meant to prevent intruders. For instance, if the alarm system is on at night, residents should know in which part of their home they will probably be during the night, so they would not be confused if it suddenly rings.

Additionally, implemented security measures should be checked on a regular basis to make sure they are working properly. This could easily be done yourself, but if something is out of order then it is important to immediately call a professional to do the necessary repairs. Make sure you are at home when someone comes to repair any security device and it is best if someone else is accompanying them so they are not wandering around the house without supervision.

Another crucial thing is to make sure there are no plants that are growing in a way that might hinder the function of the security system or cause a false alarm. Also, anything that might assist burglars to climb up to the house, like a ladder, or something that can help reach a porch or a window, should, of course, be out of reach.

Last but not least, before going to sleep, make sure no car keys or any valuable objects that can be seen from the outside of the house, are left on a table or where they can be reached and photographed. And do not forget to keep the alarm system on.

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