DENVER, Feb. 9, 2018,/PRNewswire/ — Be Hippy, a Colorado-based¬†lifestyle brand, takes the next leap in their adventure with a new kiosk at Denver International Airport (DIA). The kiosk will be located in B Concourse and will carry a wide range of Be Hippy products and apparel. This is an important milestone for the growing lifestyle company.

For Bart O’Brien and Leigh Pearson, co-founders of Be Hippy, it all started with a hat and their love for Colorado. They had an idea, not for a brand, but for a lifestyle, a mantra: Be Hippy. “We look at the world a little differently. Life is short, so why not do what makes you happy?” says O’Brien. The mantra, a play on “Be Happy”, fit their love for music festivals, the outdoors and wanting to make a positive impact in the world. The first product under the Be Hippy brand was a trucker hat with a gray and white Be Hippy mountain logo, and a Colorado flag on the side.

“We thought it was cute, and we shared it with friends and wore it to several music festivals. We had no idea that it would catch on the way it did,” says Pearson.

The Be Hippy hat and mantra spread through friends and Facebook, quickly gaining a following at music festivals in Colorado and across the country. When asked who the Be Hippy customer is, O’Brien answered, “We want people looking to do what makes them happy and makes them want to continue to live life to the fullest. They can love music festivals like us, or extreme sports, paddleboarding, hiking, anything. Be Hippy products reflect a state of mind and not any one particular activity. Since launching the brand, Pearson and O’Brien traveled to over 150 festivals across the country, introducing the Be Hippy lifestyle at each location.

The new kiosk will open a huge opportunity to reach a large collection of potential new customers, with Denver International Airport expecting to see more than 60 million travelers in 2018.

“The deal to put a kiosk in DIA has been in the works for nearly two years, but the timing couldn’t be better for Be Hippy,” said O’Brien. As a member of 1% For The Planet, Be Hippy donates 1% of all gross sales to improve the planet through smart giving as a way to do their part. “The goal has always been to make a positive impact on what we do. I look up to people like John Muir and Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, and aspire to make a difference the way they have,” said O’Brien.

Be Hippy is hoping the new kiosk will make a world of difference, to more than just their brand. Their goal is to become much more than a clothing brand and empower people to find a lifestyle of happiness and helping the planet.

About Be Hippy: Be Hippy is a grassroots lifestyle brand with a passion for music, the outdoors, traveling, fashion, and living life to the fullest. All Be Hippy goods are designed in Colorado. Be Hippy donates 1% of all gross sales to 1% For The Planet.


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