For your car
For your car
CitiKey Locksmith is a 24/7 service company, in addition to key duplication, our technicians are available 24/7 to respond to emergency services such as car lockouts, and lock installation and repair—all without damaging your car. CitiKey services all major types and brands of automotive locksmith needs, including most common car lock out cases, replacement in case of lost keys, door unlocks and even trunk unlocks. Our specialty is automotive key cutting and remotes with specials codes and transponders, our technicians are equipped with state of the art technology, that allows us to provide you with our best and affordable prices.
Home Locksmith Services Aurora
Home Locksmith Services Aurora
Home locksmith call means that you want to feel comfortable and safe in your home. Your sanctuary, so we make sure that our customers receive top-notch work. In addition to making copies of keys, our technicians install and repair locks for gates, doors (including garage doors) and safes. Alarm system setups are available as well—whether you need a new installation or repair an existing one. Furthermore, we baby proof your home so you don’t have to worry about your little ones potentially getting harmed.

Home locksmith service and locks are different from others

If you lose your house keys and need to gain access to your house, a locksmith will either drill out the cylinder or pick the lock. However, losing your vehicle keys for the latest car models, a new set must be created by an automotive technician using specialized machinery and tools. Most vehicles today use high security keys such as transponder keys. Sophisticated keys need special high tech equipment to identify the type of transponder key and to program it.

Advanced locks

Unlike an old-fashioned mechanical key, which unlocks a door or an electronic key works by sending a code without any physical connection. Only a few locksmiths are investing in the technology needed to service them. Most home owners will need a replacement rather than fixing the actual problem.

Door Locks

Lock related problems include a foreign object (such as a broken piece of key) that has become lodged in the cylinder and keys that wont operate the lock. A bent rod can be the main reason why a key turns hard in a cylinder. This can happen when someone improperly uses the key. When a key turns smoothly but wont operate the door, the problem could be with the cylinder. More often, the rod within the door connected to the lock will have become disconnected. Most problems involve the lock mechanism and not the cylinder. Check for broken springs, missing retainer clips, and rust on working parts.
For your business
For your business
Running a business is time-consuming and we don’t want our customers worrying about the quality of their workplace’s security. We can install exceptional CCTV (closed-circuit television) and access control systems so your security team can effectively manage the safety of the building. Our technicians also provide your business with installation and repairs of locks and doors, as well as make card keys for building entrances and offices.

About Locksmith Aurora

Locksmith Aurora is a local company that wants to build long-lasting relationships with the people of Aurora.

Therefore if you just got your new home? Your baby began to crawl? You’re a property manager? Locked out of your car? You can depend on us!

We operate 24 hours a day, so our highly skilled technicians are ready to be at your service.

If you have any questions or need to make a copy of a key, an installation, repair or emergency service, you may contact us at (720) 477-7255 .

CitiKey Locksmith Aurora

We are always up to date on the various changes that are made to automotive locks. Changes are constantly made to improve automotive security.

CitiKey Locksmith LLC solves many of your automotive lock problems.

The cylinder has some object stuck into it? We can quickly and efficiently take care of such issue.

Occasionally your keys won’t operate the lock, or if you lose your keys and require a new one, we can quickly solve this issue as well.

Although most car locks look the same, each car lock’s internal construction is quite different.

Constructing your car key depends on its purpose (ignition, door, trunk, etc.).

Consequently your car key also depends on the manufacturer, model.

Finlay, in order to create you car key we need to know the year of the vehicle.

All automobiles in the United States have a vehicle identification number (VIN).

Furthermore VIN’s purpose is to determine several important details about the vehicle, such as its model and model year.

As a result you will need the above information to obtain the right lock or car-opening tool.

in conclusion the letters and numbers in positions 1, 2, and 10 are codes for the vehicle’s country of origin and make and model year, respectively.

A broken piece of key? Locksmith Aurora will remove it for you

Difficulties opening your car lock can be the result of a problem with the cylinder.

You may be able to solve the problem by repairing or replacing the cylinder.

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For your car

Home Locksmith Services Aurora

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Needing residential, commercial and automotive repairs or emergency locksmith services should be an easy and pleasant experience. We know our job very well!
For your car
CitiKey Locksmith is a 24/7 service company, in addition to key duplication, our technicians are ava...
Home Locksmith Services Aurora
Home locksmith service & locks are different than others CitiKey Locksmith Aurora professionals carry the latest technology & tools providing rapid solution
For your business
Running a business is time-consuming and we don’t want our customers worrying about the quality of t
Automotive Locksmith Aurora
Automotive Locksmith Team is available to assist you 24 hours a day and is always up to date on the various changes that are made to automotive keys & locks
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